Equal Justice Initiative Museum. Photo courtesy of Jeff Van Hanken.

READINGS- Books/Journals/Dissertations 

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CURRICULUM- Teaching Resources, Exhibits, and Databases

Equal Justice Initiative Map of Racial Terror Lynchings

“Lynching in America.” Equal Justice Initiative.

Mapping Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas 1900-1930

The Racial Violence Archive

Silenced Histories: The Archive of the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project, 1930-1955

Rosewood Heritage and VR Project

Monroe Work Today

A Red Record Lynching Sites in North Carolina

Mapping African American Travel During Jim Crow

The Texas Freedom Colonies Project

Black Placemaking in Texas Digital History

2020 Virtual All-Black Town Tour

Oklahoma Historical Society 2D Map

National Archives: Oklahoma Statehood Files, November 16, 1907